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OSCE And Walker - Humanitarian Spies

 by Jared Israel

"'Negotiated' (that is, 'coerced') under threat of NATO bombing last October, 
the Verification agreement let the OSCE send unarmed mediators into Kosovo, 
supposedly to help defuse tensions. However everything about the Verification 
mission suggests military intelligence, not mediation. 

"It was run by William Walker. Walker had no background as a mediator. He 
wasn't even an expert in Balkans history or current politics. What he did 
know about was counter-insurgency and black ops. His role in Iran-Contra and 
his achievements in apologizing for the murderous El Salvador death squads 
all but prove he is a high-placed intelligence operative. (See "MEET MR. 

"The U.S. verification team was composed of employees of Dyncorp, a Virginia 
company that has grown rich off Government work. At the 1992 Senate hearings 
on R. James Woolsey's appointment as head of the CIA, Woolsey commented:
"I own less than one-quarter of one percent of the -- diluted shares of a 
company named Dyncorp here in the Washington, D.C. area. And the corporation has, from time to time, had a handful of very small contracts with the 
Central Intelligence Agency." Ahh, sweet understatement. Dyncorp's "very 
small contracts" have included covert work for the Company in Columbia and 

"...Given this command structure, doesn't it stand to reason that the U.S. 
goal was a) to gather military intelligence and b) to establish 
command-relations with the Kosovo Liberation Army? The goal was to bond with the KLA which killed and is still killing ethnic Serbs and ethnic Albanian 
"collaborators" Serbian State policemen, power line repairmen, school 
officials, Yugoslav troops, even state-employed wood gatherers - just like 
the Latin American death squads Walker "observed" during previous CIA 
assignemnts. " (END OF EXCERPT from Humanitarian Spies at ) 

Now the (London) Sunday Times has confirmed our charges. The OSCE 
Verification Mission in Kosovo for 6 months prior to the bombing of 
Yugoslavia was indeed a phony, a cover for the CIA to set up liason with the 
KLA and spy on Yugoslavia. Walker was indeed creating another death squad 
operation - just as he did in El Salvador. Dyncorps, which supplied the 
'verifiers', is indeed a 'Company' company. The US horror-show government
has made fools of the 'honest broker' Euro leaders - that is, if there are any
honest Euro leaders.